Apply for a Grant

Step 1

Read the request for proposals.

Step 4

Get a signed letter of support from your sponsor and a signed Grants/Business Office Acknowledgement Form from your grants or business office.

Step 5

Complete and submit the online application form.


Affordable Learning Georgia's Affordable Materials Grants are intended to:

Explore and expand course materials transformation to include the adoption, adaptation, and creation of Open Educational Resources (OER); the adoption of materials available through GALILEO and USG libraries; and the use of other no-cost and low-cost materials.

Provide support and time to faculty instructors, librarians, instructional designers, and other professional staff to meet, plan, review, and implement these approaches.

Work toward equitable access to materials and lower materials costs for students and contribute to their retention, progression, and graduation.

Examples of grant projects include:

  • Adopting an OpenStax Sociology textbook in place of a commercial textbook for Introduction to Sociology and creating new ancillary materials to support the adoption.
  • Adapting existing Calculus OER to fit the learning outcomes of your particular course and then adopting these new materials in place of a commercial textbook.
  • Creating new OER to adopt in place of a commercial textbook when there are no OER to cover the subject.
  • Creating a Library Reading List to adopt in place of a commercial textbook when there are no OER to cover the subject.
  • Adopting a low-cost homework or adaptive solution such as Lumen Learning’s Waymaker or OHM, OpenStax Partner courseware, or other low cost materials to ensure total required resource costs for students are under $40.00.

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