Inclusive Access Materials

What are Inclusive Access Course Materials? 

Inclusive Access is a model for using digital textbooks and/or courseware that adds the cost of a single course's materials into students’ tuition and fees. Materials are available on day one or earlier for all students, and they can opt out (or back in) until the end of the drop/add period. Students must be able to opt out of specific materials at the course/section level. The Board of Regents Business Procedures Manual section 24.3.2 Elective Student Fees > Supplemental Course Material Fees provides specific permission for course fees to be used to cover inclusive access textbooks on a single-course opt-out basis: 

The costs for textbooks may be included in supplemental course material fees in limited circumstances. Specifically, course fees may be used to cover the cost of textbooks when provided through an “inclusive access” program that is administered by the institution. Such programs MUST have “opt out” provisions that are well advertised to all students, including prior to registration. Additionally, all textbooks provided by “inclusive access” programs must be offered to students at prices that are demonstrably less than market rates for purchasing the materials separately. Faculty should be encouraged to first explore open educational resources that may be available at no cost.

Please note that this is not the same as an Equitable Access model, in which a flat fee (per credit hour or per course) is charged to all students or all undergraduate students.  Per the Board of Regents Policy Manual, fees of that nature would meet the definition of “Mandatory Fees” and require specific board authorization through existing procedures for implementation of mandatory fees.  Mandatory fees require board approval, and due diligence requirements for adding a new mandatory fee include, among other things, a campus wide student referendum. 

Preferred Pricing for Inclusive Access Course Materials

The following publishers are offering preferred pricing for USG schools that wish to offer Inclusive Access textbooks. Please note that the USG has not signed a statewide contract; you will still need to work with your bookstore or auxiliary services department to put a contract in place.

McGraw-Hill Education

The full catalog of all McGraw Hill eBooks is available for Inclusive Access below the USG low-cost level (less than $40). This pricing is offered with the understanding that these materials will be available to students at the low-cost rate, and that bookstores will not impose a markup that pushes the price to students over the low-cost level of $40. Students will have access to the materials for 5 years. McGraw Hill is open to offering complimentary access for specific cohorts of dual enrollment students in courses participating in inclusive access at USG institutions on a case-by-case basis, so long as that complimentary access does not exceed 5% of the course and/or section enrollment total.*

To view the entire McGraw Hill Catalog (available at under $40 for Inclusive Access), visit the McGraw Hill Catalog Homepage, then click “Browse By Discipline” to view all titles by discipline.

McGraw Hill also offers discounts for the following courseware: Connect, ALEKS, and SimNet. McGraw Hill can also provide project management and implementation assistance, with a dedicated enterprise architecture team, implementation project management, training, and customer and student support. To learn more about McGraw Hill’s commitment to increased student access and affordability of course materials with Inclusive Access please visit McGraw Hill's Inclusive Access Page or contact Erin Patrick, Enterprise Sales Director (

* Facilitation of this dual enrollment complimentary access is contingent upon the USG institution's bookstore’s ability and/or willingness to manage any additional processes/tasks required to implement this offer and provide dual enrollment and total enrollment information to McGraw Hill within 14 days following the drop/add deadline for the term since MHE has no visibility of dual enrollment population information unless provided by institution, bookstore, or department.  Individual departments should reach out to their local McGraw Hill sales team to negotiate that access, if applicable.

Pearson Higher Education

Pearson's catalog of reduced price eTexts is available for USG institutions' Inclusive Access programs below the low-cost level. This pricing assumes Pearson's standard affordability program campus store margin of 20% and a maximum resale price of $39, meeting the goal for materials under $40 to the learner. Students will have access to Channel Partner eBooks, like Vitalsource and Redshelf, for 6 years. Pearson is open to discussing access for dual enrollment students on a case-by-case basis. Specific terms are provided below.

  • eBook/eTexts: $31.20 net/$39 price to student
  • Print Offers for courses in Inclusive Access where print is needed and print rental is not available:
    • MyLab and Mastering Print Offers:  $40
    • Revel : $17
  • Courseware:  25% discount
  • Per term pricing for anything that does not have 18-week/per term  pricing: $59.99 net

To view the entire Pearson Catalog, visit Pearson's website.

For more information, or if your institution's bookstore does not already have a relationship with Pearson, please have them contact their Pearson representative using the Pearson Higher Ed Rep Locator.