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  • Can I use the materials on your site?
  • How can I get the word out about OER at my institution?
  • How can library resources act as no-cost resources for students in a course?
  • I want to work with OER more in my position, or I’ve been asked to be the OER contact at my institution. What are some ways I can learn about this kind of work?
  • How do you keep up with grant projects after the project is completed? Can you ensure these projects are still saving students money?
  • How often do these savings numbers get updated or change?
  • What do the savings numbers on your impact page mean?
  • What if I encounter a glitch in OpenALG or GALILEO Open Learning Materials?
  • What happens if I write or edit an open resource?
  • Do I need an account to access OER?
  • OER are free - what’s the catch?
  • How can I make sure my course is listed as no-cost or low-cost materials in Banner?
  • How do I know if my course should be a no-cost or low-cost materials course in Banner?
  • How do you get materials added to GALILEO Open Learning Materials or OpenALG?
  • If there aren’t any OER for my course out there, what can I do?
  • What if I find errors in a resource on GALILEO Open Learning Materials or OpenALG?
  • What is an open educational resource (OER)?
  • Are the OER in GALILEO Open Learning Materials and OpenALG accessible to students with different and/or impaired abilities?

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