Open Resources/MERLOT


What is MERLOT?

MERLOT is an open educational resource project from the California State University system that started in 1997.

“MERLOT currently indexes tens of thousands of discipline-specific learning materials, learning exercises, and Content Builder web pages, together with associated comments, and personal collections, all intended to enhance the teaching experience of using a learning material. All of these items have been contributed by the MERLOT member community, who have either authored the materials themselves, or who have discovered the materials, found them useful, and wished to share their enthusiasm for the materials with others in the teaching and learning community.” (from the MERLOT Collection page)

Open Educational Resources in MERLOT

MERLOT’s collection has over 2,500 open textbooks and a collection of other OERs that include whole courses, open textbooks, small instructional modules, and more. Typically, learning management systems make it easy for the faculty to add links to these resources for the weekly instructional schedule. Many of the materials you will find in MERLOT have been peer reviewed by higher education faculty with expertise in using online resources.

Visit a MERLOT Academic Discipline Community

MERLOT Academic Discipline Communities put MERLOT resources, open journals, professional organizations, web updates, and community members together on one page. Select a community in the top-left box and click “Visit” to visit a community page.

Search by Subject

Click on a link to your subject area and you’ll get a hit list of open textbooks or online course materials in different disciplines. MERLOT’s indexing tools enable easy browsing and searching for their OER collections.

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Looking for a video explanation on MERLOT and how to use it to find free course content? Visit MERLOT’s YouTube Channel and view a video of your choosing.

Looking for other online collections of free course materials? Go to MERLOT’s Search Other Libraries page and search other digital libraries individually or simultaneously.