Open Education Week 2017 Web Series

This year, Affordable Learning Georgia is focusing on OER awareness and education during Open Education Week 2017. ALG will host a series of free instructional web events on open educational resources and our programs:

Introduction to Accessible OER: Monday, March 27, 12:00pm

Katie Bridges, Instructional Designer at Georgia Highlands College, will take you through the easiest ways to make your created open educational resources accessible to all learners.

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Introduction to Open Licensing: Wednesday, March 29, 12:00pm

Denise Dimsdale, Education Librarian and ALG Library Coordinator for Georgia State University, will introduce you to how open licenses work and why they are important for sharing your educational resources.

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Introduction to Affordable Learning Georgia: Thursday, March 30, 11:00am

Interested in applying for a Textbook Transformation Grant? How does ALG work together with eCore? What is Affordable Learning Georgia, anyway? Jeff Gallant, Program Manager for Affordable Learning Georgia, will introduce you to ALG’s programs, answer any questions you have about the initiative, and provide advice on getting started in making your course’s resources more affordable.

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