Open Education Conference 2020: USG Presentations

At the online Open Education Conference 2020, 36 USG faculty and staff had accepted proposals for conference presentations, panels, showcases, and 10 minute lightning talks. Below are all of the recorded presentations by these USG presenters, including Jeff and Tiffani, ALG Champions, and ALG grantees.

Accessibility in OER Design

Jeff Gallant, Tiffani Reardon

Collaboratively Building an Inclusive OER Music Appreciation Textbook

Esther Morgan-Ellis, Rebecca Johnston

Discovering Physical Science Concepts From Everyday Materials

Skanda Vivek, Sairam Tangirala
Lightning Talk

Ethical Dilemmas in an Open Technical Communication Textbook: Lessons in Audience Awareness

Tamara Powell, Tiffani Reardon
Lightning Talk

Faculty, Librarians, and Designers, Oh My!: Rounding Out a System-Wide Advocacy Team

Tiffani Reardon, Jeff Gallant

Journeys through OER: Past, Present, and Future Adventures and Understandings

Feng-Ru Sheu, Judy Orton Grissett
Lightning Talk

Our Powers Combined: An Open Ed Collaboration Between a Librarian and a Professor

Kathy Dolan, Jennie Law
Lightning Talk

Redesigning an Open Textbook by Leveraging Media, Pedagogy, and Student Collaboration

Chaohua Ou, Aselia Urmanbetova

Reimagining Inclusive Design/Policies with OER & Open Pedagogy: Going Beyond Affordability

CJ Ivory, Nikki Cannon-Rech, TaJuan Wilson

Renewable Texts/Renewable Assignments: Interrogating Race, Gender, and Class Assumptions in OER

BJ Robinson, Corey Parson, Lainie Pomerleau

Write Once, Publish Everywhere: Developing an Efficient Workflow for Multiplatform OER Publishing

Matthew LeHew
Lightning Talk