OpenStax CNX Editing Platform Training

Wednesday, September 13, 2:00pm-3:00pm

This free OpenStax webinar, specifically for the University System of Georgia, will provide technical training around using the OpenStax CNX repository for editing OpenStax and other OER content.

Topics include:

  • The CNX authoring guide
  • XML language
  • Brief comparison of webview/.pdf versions of the books and how they relate to cnx editing platform
  • Creating a module
  • Editing a module (both edit-in-place and full source)
  • Creating a collection
  • Deriving a copy of a collection
  • Deriving a copy of a module
  • Importing and exporting content
  • Publishing and creating a PDF

OpenStax highly recommends that all members of Textbook Transformation Grants teams attend this webinar, and any supporting departments (i.e. instructional designers) also attend this training.

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CNX Guide (PDF)