ALG Bookstore Program

USG bookstores work with vendors to provide traditional print learning materials as well as e-textbook solutions. These campus stores play multiple, important roles in the campus environment, working with faculty to identify and adopt learning materials, providing students with the lowest possible cost, and providing a source of revenue that allows campuses to support beneficial programming and services. The days in which all students bought their textbooks directly from the campus store are over. Therefore, the campuses are constantly innovating in their efforts to provide the lowest cost alternatives in a marketplace that is increasingly competitive and complex.

Many USG campus stores are leased to third party management companies, a strategy that can minimize the risks of maintaining inventory in an uncertain market. Other emergent strategies include textbook rental programs (which at this time often offer the lowest possible cost), print-on-demand solutions, and course packs. Affordable Learning Georgia is working closely with USG campus stores to support their efforts to provide affordable learning materials, including the identification of strategies that will increase the availability of lower cost choices at the point of adoption by faculty and improve student choice at the point of sale.