Textbook Transformation Grants Round Seven: Grantees and Documents

The Round Six-Eight Request for Proposals (RFP) offered grant awards to be made to support adoption, adaptation, and creation of no-or low-cost learning materials in USG courses in four categories: No-Cost-to-Students Learning Materials, OpenStax Textbooks, and Specific Top 100 Courses (which had not been implemented before within eCore or a Textbook Transformation Grant), and Interactive Course-Authoring Tools and Software.

There were two tiers of funding: one for standard transformations, and one for transformations affecting over 500 students annually or department-wide. All USG institutions, libraries, and faculty were eligible and encouraged to submit proposals. An online information forum was held on Monday, August 8, at 4:00pm.

The Georgia Institute of Technology’s Center for 21st Century Universities (C21U) managed the review process with ALG, using the InfoReady Review platform for applications and reviews. ALG worked with a team of experienced grant reviewers who evaluated the projects in a peer review process. Proposing teams were notified of the review committee’s decision after an administrative review.

In this limited-funding round, 23 proposals were received from 14 USG institutions. Of these, 7 proposals from 7 USG institutions were awarded grants, covering 15 different courses.



Course Numbers

Grant Amount


Georgia State

Barbara Hall
Elizabeth Wallace

ENSL 0081
ENSL 0091


Grants Collection #255: College Writing for ESL Students

College of
Coastal Georgia

Colleen Knight
Leon Gardner
Joseph Lodmell
Ernest Pascoe
Andrea Wallace
Lisa McNeal

CHEM 1211
CHEM 1212
CHEM 2211
CHEM 2212


Grants Collection #259: Organic Chemistry I & II
Grants Collection #259: Principles of Chemistry I & II

Armstrong State

Lea Padgett
Catherine MacGowan
Gary Guillet
Todd Hizer

CHEM 1211
CHEM 1212


Grants Collection #261: Principles of Chemistry I & II

University of
North Georgia

Hashim Saber
Piotr Hebda
Beata Hebda
Benkam Bobga

MATH 1450
MATH 2470
MATH 3000 MATH 3650


Grants Collection #264: Calculus I
Grants Collection #264: Calculus III
Grants Collection #264: Differential Equations
Grants Collection #264: Linear Algebra

Georgia Highlands

Scott Flynn
Lisa Jellum
Althea Moser
Jonathan Howard
Sharryse Henderson
Christin Collins
Amanda West
David Mathis

PHED 1010, PHED 1130


Grants Collection #268: Concepts of Fitness and Wellness
Grants Collection #268: Walking and Jogging for Fitness

East Georgia
State College

Da’Mon Andrews
Antre’ Drummer

MATH 0989


Grants Collection #270: Foundations for College Algebra

Valdosta State

Jason Allard
Weimin Fang

GEOG 1112


Grants Collection #272: Introduction to Weather and Climate