Textbook Transformation Grants Round Four: Grantees and Documents

The Round Four Request for Proposals (RFP) offered grant awards to be made to support adoption, adaptation, and creation of no-or low-cost learning materials in USG courses in three categories: No-Cost-to-Students Learning Materials, OpenStax Textbooks, and Specific Top 50 Courses (which had not been implemented before within eCore or a Textbook Transformation Grant).

There were two tiers of funding: one for single sections and courses, and one for multi-section/multi-course projects. All USG institutions, libraries, and faculty were eligible and encouraged to submit proposals. An online information forum was held on August 12, 2015. The deadline for submission for all projects was September 7, 2015.

The Georgia Institute of Technology’s Center for 21st Century Universities (C21U) managed the review process with ALG, using the CompetitionSpace platform for applications and reviews. ALG worked with a team of experienced grant reviewers who evaluated the projects in a blind process. Proposing teams were notified of the review committee’s decision on September 28, 2015.

45 proposals were received from 19 USG institutions. Of these, 25 proposals from 16 USG institutions were awarded grants.

More details are available in the Round Four Spreadsheet.



Course Numbers

Grant Amount


Albany State

Zephyrinus Okonkwo
Anilkumar Devarapu

MATH 2411


Grants Collection #159: Basic Statistics

Armstrong State

Jared Schlieper
Greg Knofczynski
Michael Tiemeyer

MATH 2200


Grants Collection #183: Elementary Statistics

Augusta University
(Georgia Regents

Neal Smith
Daphne Skipper
Christopher Terry
Marvalisa Payne

MATH 2210


Grants Collection #154: Elementary Statistics (Augusta)

Clayton State

Nancy Conley
Michael Fuchs
Christina Howell

MUSC 2101


Grants Collection #150: Music Appreciation (Clayton)

Clayton State

Jocelyn Steward
Ethel Callen
Kendolyn Smith

HCMG 3320,
4560, 5020,
5030, 3550


Grants Collection #157: Ethical Issues in Health Care
Grants Collection #157: Health Care Economics
Grants Collection #157: Health Care Finance

Clayton State
University &
Georgia State

Andrea Allen
Scott Jacques

SOC 4501
CRJU 4501, 3020


Grants Collection #151: Criminal Justice Research Methods

Columbus State

Jennifer Brown
Michelle Jones
Amy McDaniel

EDUC 6226
Created Materials


Grants Collection #156: Curriculum Design for Student Achievement

Dalton State

Alicia Briganti
John Gulledge

PSYC 1101


Grants Collection #168: Introduction to Psychology

Georgia Southern

Alisa Leckie
Chelda Smith

ESED 5234


Grants Collection #155: Cultural Issues

Georgia Southwestern
State University

Stephanie Harvey
Tom Lorenz
Ian Brown
Tommy Wright
Anh-Hue Thi Tu
Yonnie Williams

BIOL 1107,


Grants Collection #145: Essentials of Biology I & II

Georgia Southwestern
State University

Ellen Cotter
Judy Orton Grissett
Gary Fisk

PSYC 2103


Grants Collection #160: Human Growth and Development

Georgia Southwestern
State University

Mark Laughlin
Ru Story Huffman
Julie Megginson
Robert Bryant

MUSC 1100


Grants Collection #167: Music Appreciation (GSW)

Georgia Southwestern
State University

Joseph Comeau
Judy Orton Grissett
Jamie MacLennan

SOCI 1160,
PSYC 4431


Grants Collection #177: Contemporary Social Problems
Grants Collection #177: Experimental Psychology
Grants Collection #177: Social Research Methods

Kennesaw State

Sharon Pearcey
Christopher Randall
Jen Willard
Beth Kirsner
Adrienne Williamson
Tricia Mahaffey

PSYC 2000,
2300, 3301


Grants Collection #182: The Science of Psychology
Grants Collection #182: Psychology Research Methods and Statistics
Grants Collection #182: Experimental Design and Analysis

Middle Georgia
State University

Edwynn Wallace
Malav Shah

PHYS 1111,


Grants Collection #175: Introductory Physics I & II (MGA)

Savannah State

Cecil L. Jones
Pascal Binda
Adegboye Adeyemo

CHEM 1211,


Grants Collection #162: Principles of Chemistry I

University of

Deanna Cozart
DeLoris Wenzel Hesse
Brett Szymik
Rob Nichols
Leslie Pryor
C. Edward Watson

CBIO 2200,


Grants Collection #174: Anatomy and Physiology I & II Labs

University of
North Georgia

Valerie Hastings
Mariana Stone

FREN 1001,


Grants Collection #147: Elementary French I & II

University of
North Georgia

Minsu Kim
Hashim Saber
Bikash Das
Thomas Hartfield

MATH 1111,
1113, 2400,


Grants Collection #178: Calculus II
Grants Collection #178: College Algebra
Grants Collection #178: Elementary Statistics
Grants Collection #178: Precalculus

University of
West Georgia

Mark Kunkel
Fiona Gallagher
Cher Hendricks

PSYC 1101
Created Materials


Grants Collection #169: Introduction to General Psychology

University of
West Georgia

Kathleen Barrett
Brian Jones

POLS 1101


Grants Collection #172: American Government (UWG)

Valdosta State

Theresa Grove
John Elder
Gretchen Bielmyer
Joshua Reece

BIOL 1108


Grants Collection #165: Principles of Biology II

Valdosta State

Timothy Henkel
Emily Croteau
Matthew Waters

BIOL 1010,


Grants Collection #180: Evolution and Biodiversity
Grants Collection #180: Organismal Biology

Valdosta State

Dereth J. Drake
Shantanu Chakraborty
Michael Holt

PHYS 1111,


Grants Collection #181: Introductory Physics I & II (VSU)