Textbook Transformation Awards

In 2016, Affordable Learning Georgia highlighted the Calendar Year 2015 efforts of USG faculty and staff for their outstanding accomplishments in affordable learning materials with the Textbook Transformation Awards. Each institution was invited to nominate an awardee through their ALG Campus Champion. On March 8, 2016, the following awardees were announced:

Dr. Wanjun Hu and Dr. Li Feng, Albany State University
“This team’s [Textbook] Transformation Grant [project] saved the students at Albany State $79,800.” -LaVerne McLaughlin, Director of Library Services

Dr. Michael Tiemeyer and Dr. Jared Schlieper, Armstrong State University
“[Their] students no longer have to buy an expensive text that contains 3 semesters worth of material for only one semester of coursework.” –Delana Gajdosik-Nivens, Associate Provost for Student Engagement and Success

Dr. Robert Bledsoe, Augusta University
“It is due to his commitment to improving student engagement, retention, and progression by implementing OERs that I nominate Dr. Bledsoe for this award.” -Melissa Johnson, Electronic Resources/Serials Librarian

Dr. German Vargas, College of Coastal Georgia
“German has been a tireless promoter for [Affordable Learning Georgia] at the college and beyond.” –Debbie Holmes, Dean of Library Services

Dr. Richard Stephens, Columbus State University
“Through his passion, commitment and years of open access textbook adoption, he has saved his students thousands of dollars.” –Mark Flynn, Dean of Libraries

Dr. Charles Fink, Dalton State College
“I believe Dr. Fink’s attempts to provide quality, low-cost alternatives to our students in A&P I and II are worthy of recognition.” -Barbara G. Tucker, Interim Assistant VPAA

Deborah Liss-Green, Darton State College
“The nominee combined use of [open textbooks and] hybrid learning activities to restructure a large THEA 1100 course with no student materials costs.” –Caryl Nemajovsky, Assistant Professor and Librarian

Dr. Dee McKinney, East Georgia State College
“She has retooled all of her history courses to use OERs created by herself in lieu of a traditional textbook, saving EGSC students thousands of dollars in textbook [costs].” –Amanda McKenzie, Library Director

Dr. Josephine Davis, Bhavana Burell, Dr. Samuel Cartwright, and Dr. Shadreck Chitsonga, Fort Valley State University
“[The team] redesigned their college algebra and pre-calculus courses so that students can have access to materials at reduced [costs].”-Dr. Ian Toppin, Director, Center for Teaching and Learning

Dr. Walter Isaac, Georgia College and State University
“Dr. Isaac has done significant work during his tenure at Georgia College & State University that falls under the broad umbrella of open educational resources.” –Dr. Joe Mocnik, University Librarian

Dr. Adrian Heinz, Georgia Gwinnett College
“His teaching philosophy places students at the center of the learning process by creating a pleasant environment, where everyone is encouraged to participate.” –Dr. Cathy Hakes, Director of Research and Sponsored Programs

Dr. J. Sean Callahan, Georgia Highlands College
“We are honored to nominate Dr. Callahan for the ALG Textbook Transformation Award for his commitment to excellence and innovation with OER at Georgia Highlands College.” –Jesse Bishop, Director of Faculty Academy

Mary Ann Cullen, Georgia Perimeter College
“Mary Ann Cullen has been an invaluable resource for faculty exploring and creating OERs at GA Perimeter College.” –Dr. Jennifer Duncan, Assistant Professor of English

Dr. Charles Huffman, Georgia Southwestern State University
“[Dr. Huffman] has overseen the transformation from publisher’s textbooks to open educational resources (OER) in six introductory and upper-division courses.” –Dr. Judy Orton Grissett, Assistant Professor of Psychology

Dr. Susan Willey, Zoe Salloom, and Emerson Stewart, Georgia State University
“This Round 2 grant is our only completed textbook transformation grant, and the results are quite impressive.” –Denise Dimsdale, Education Librarian

Dr. Jung Choi, Dr. Shana Kerr, and Dr. Chrissy Spencer, Georgia Institute of Technology
“Dr. Jung Choi, Shana Kerr, and Chrissy Spencer are dedicated pioneers in Biology teaching and innovators at Georgia Tech.” –Colin Potts, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education

Dr. Wesley Venus, Gordon State College
“Dr. Venus’ work has saved a significant number of students on our campus (~1500 in 67 course sections) approximately $133,000.” –Dr. Lynn Rumfelt, Associate Professor of Biology

Dr. Tamara Powell, Kennesaw State University
“Dr. Powell led KSU’s successful Textbook Transformation Grant project, which was selected to develop a free, open, online technical communication textbook that will be used across two departments and courses.“ -Dr. Jim Cope, Executive Director of Distance Education

Dr. Cecil Jones, Savannah State University
“The broader impact of [Dr. Jones’ project] is to improve student retention and ultimately the graduation rates particularly in the STEM disciplines directly impacted by freshman chemistry.” –Mary Jo Fayoyin, Dean of Library Services

Dr. Molly Smith and Sara Selby, South Georgia State College
“[Dr. Smith and Sara Selby] led [a USG Incubator Flipped Classroom project with OER, followed by an ALG Textbook Transformation grant project expanding on open materials] and worked to direct faculty members to use electronic textbooks in their course.”–Dr. Richard Reiman, Associate VPAA

Dr. DeLoris Hesse, University of Georgia
“Dr. Hesse… recognized potential student savings by transitioning the course textbook away from a traditional, expensive text to the OpenStax A&P book.” –Dr. Eddie Watson, Director, Center for Teaching and Learning

Dr. Kelly McFaden, University of North Georgia
“In short, [Dr. McFaden’s EDUC 2110, 2120, and 2130 Textbook Transformation Grants project] is social justice in action.” –Dr. Bonnie J. Robinson, Director, University Press of North Georgia

Biology Grant Teams, Valdosta State University: Drs. Timothy Henkel, Matthew Waters, Joshua Reece, Emily Cantonwine, John Elder, Mark Blackmore, Eric Chambers, Theresa Grove, Gretchen Bielmyer, Emily Croteau
“The biology department has collectively written 4 grants to transform introductory biology courses [department-wide]: BIOL 1010, BIOL 1030, BIOL 1107, and BIOL 1108.” –Dr. Emily Croteau, Associate Professor of Biology

Previous Award Winners:

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