Symposium on the Future of the Textbook 2014: Keynote Videos

Video recordings of each keynote presentation from the 2014 Symposium on the Future of the Textbook have been provided by Affordable Learning Georgia and Georgia College and State University’s Digital Innovation Group.

View our Notable Excerpts Video with Timestamps (1:45:15)

Merryll Penson: Welcome and Introductions

Notable Excerpts:
Background on the Symposium: 3:41-6:35

Dr. James Koch: An Economic Analysis for the Market of Textbooks

Notable Excerpts:
Why textbooks are expensive: 2:58-5:25
The textbook supply-side market: 5:25-12:15
Changes in markets and student purchasing: 12:15-19:37

Azell Francis, Elijah Maurice, & Kari Butler: USG Student Perspectives

Notable Excerpts:
Elijah Maurice: Middle Georgia State College students and ALG: 1:08-3:00
Kari Butler: College of Coastal Georgia students and ALG: 3:00-4:17
Azell Francis: Georgia Southern University students and ALG: 4:17-6:34

Stephen Laster & David Harris: Publisher Perspectives

Notable Excerpts:
Stephen Laster: Using action data in adaptive learning platforms: 13:08-15:10
David Harris: Why open licensing improves the textbook: 23:54-26:34
David Harris: Future of the textbook considerations: 31:46-33:57
David Harris: Addressing “No on OER” questions: 33:57-36:42

Dr. Houston Davis: Evening Session Welcome and Introductions

Notable Excerpts:
USG support of Affordable Learning Georgia: 0:33-1:33

Cable Green: Open Education: The Moral, Business, and Policy Case for OER

Notable Excerpts:
Why educators are pursuing affordable learning: 4:07-5:51
Cost of publishing and distribution in a digital age: 5:51-11:44
Definition and importance of open educational resources: 28:06-34:42

David Wiley: Too Good Not to Be True

Notable Excerpts:
Education is sharing: 1:12-8:07
(Rivalrous and nonrivalrous resources: 3:15-8:07)
Research on student performance and OER: 23:13-34:56
Pedagogy, student engagement, and OER: 34:56-47:50

Merryll Penson and Lauren Fancher: Awards and Introductions

David Ernst: Open Textbooks: Overcoming Barriers, Realizing Opportunities

Notable Excerpts:
Raising awareness with faculty 10:10-21:18
(Testimonials from UMN students 15:10-17:44, 30:46-32:12)
Frequently asked questions about OER: 24:58-38:27
OER quality and academic freedom: 34:55-37:30