Textbook Transformation Grants Round Nine: Grantees and Documents

The Round Nine Request for Proposals (RFP) was an additional round in Fiscal Year 2016-2017. The RFP offered grant awards to be made to support adoption, adaptation, and creation of no-or low-cost learning materials in USG courses in four categories: No-Cost-to-Students Learning Materials, OpenStax Textbooks, and Specific Top 100 Courses (which had not been implemented before within eCore or a Textbook Transformation Grant), and Interactive Course-Authoring Tools and Software.

There were two tiers of funding: one for standard transformations, and one for transformations affecting over 500 students annually or department-wide. All USG institutions, libraries, and faculty were eligible and encouraged to submit proposals. Online information forums were held throughout the year.

The Georgia Institute of Technology’s Center for 21st Century Universities (C21U) managed the review process with ALG, using the InfoReady Review platform for applications and reviews. ALG worked with a team of experienced grant reviewers who evaluated the projects in a peer review process. Proposing teams were notified of the review committee’s decision after an administrative review.

In this ninth round, 22 proposals were received from 13 USG institutions. Of these, 16 proposals from 10 USG institutions were awarded grants, covering 23 different courses.



Course Number

Grant Amount


Georgia Highlands

Veronica Morin
Andrew Dawson

BIOL 2161


Grants Collection #309: Introductory Medical Microbiology

University of
North Georgia

Patty Wagner
Marnie Phipps

MATH 1101


Grants Collection #312: Mathematical Models

Kennesaw State

Evelina Sterling
Daniel Farr

SOCI 2251


Grants Collection #313: Social Problems

Georgia State

Scott Jacques
Andrea Allen

CRJU 3410
CRJU 3100


Grants Collection #314: Criminology

Kennesaw State

Tiffani Reardon
Patrice Brown
Amelia Lewis
Bridget Doss
Laura Howard

ENGL 1101
ENGL 1102


Grants Collection #315: English Composition I & II

Georgia Gwinnett

Shuting Xu
Shuhua Lai

ITEC 2130


Grants Collection #316: Web Technologies

University of
North Georgia

Donna Governor
David Osmond
Sanghee Choi
April Nelms

SIED 4184
SIED 4500


Grants Collection #317: Science Methods for Teachers

University of
North Georgia

Anita Turlington
Matthew Horton
Laura Ng
Laura Getty
Kyounghye Kwon
Karen Dodson
Corey Parson

ENGL 2112


Grants Collection #318: World Literature II

Georgia Institute
of Technology

Fred Rascoe
Seth Porter

GT 1000


Grants Collection #319: First-Year Seminar

Dalton State

April Kay
Susan Burran
Leah Howell

BIOL 2215
BIOL 3340


Grants Collection #320: General Microbiology

Georgia Highlands

Elizabeth Dose
Bentley Gibson-Wallace
Stephanie Wright
Camille Pace
Katie Bridges
J. Sean Callahan

PSYC 2103


Grants Collection #323: Introduction to Human Development

Georgia Highlands

Lisa Jellum
Jason Hitzeman
Mark Knauss
Sharryse Henderson
Tom Harnden
Cynthia Elsberry

BIOL 2190
PHED 2202


Grants Collection #324: Principles of Nutrition

Georgia Southwestern
State University

Charles Huffman
Ru Story-Huffman

PSYC 3311
SOCI 3311


Grants Collection #326: Social Psychology

Georgia Highlands

Carol Hoban
Sharryse Henderson
Merry Clark
Kimberly Subacz
Christin Collins
Amanda West

BIOL 2121
BIOL 2122


Grants Collection #328: Anatomy and Physiology I & II

East Georgia
State College

Tori Kearns
Deborah Lee

PSYC 2101


Grants Collection #329: Psychological Adjustment

Valdosta State

Jia Lu
Jessica Taylor

GEOG 1125


Grants Collection #330: Resources, Society, and the Environment