R18: Grantees and Documents

The Round 18 Request for Proposals (RFP) offered grant awards to be made to support adoption, adaptation, and creation of no-or low-cost learning materials in USG courses, as well as continuous improvement of those materials. The grants had two categories: Transformation Grants (for courses adopting no- or low-cost materials for the first time), and Continuous Improvement Grants (for courses improving materials and/or improving their use of the materials).

ALG worked with a team of experienced grant reviewers who evaluated the projects and managed the peer review process using Google Forms. Proposing teams were notified of the review committee’s decision after an administrative review.

In this round, 33 proposals were received. Of these, 29 proposals from 15 USG institutions were awarded grants.

Downloadable R18 Table


Project Lead


Course #

Course Title


Kennesaw State University

Rebecca Rutherfoord


IT 4853
IT 6853
IT 6683

Computer Forensics (U)
Computer Forensics (G)
Management of IT

Proposal 549

Georgia Highlands College

Lisa Jellum


SMGT 2300

Social Issues in Sport

Proposal 551

University of West Georgia

James Murphy


ECON 2106

Principles of Microeconomics

Proposal 552

Georgia Southern University

Ariel Cornett


ELEM 6130
ELEM 6700
ELEM 6733
ELEM 6799/7799

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy and Classroom Management
Critical Pedagogy Practicum
Internship I
Internship II

Proposal 553

Gordon State College

Jessica Traylor


PSYC 1101

Intro to Psychology

Proposal 554

Georgia Gwinnett Colelge

Katherine Pinzon


MATH 2200

Calculus I

Proposal 555

Georgia State University Perimeter

Nancy Gup


PSYC 2621

Abnormal Psychology

Proposal 556

Georgia State University Perimeter

Antara Dutta


CHEM 1211

Principles of Chemistry I

Proposal 557

East Georgia State College

Martiana Sega


BIOL 1103

Intro to Biology

Proposal 559

Columbus State University

Anastasia Angelopoulou


CPSC 2105
CPSC 2125
CPSC 3125
CPSC 5135

Computer Organization
Internet Programming
Operating Systems
Programming Languages

Proposal 560

Clayton State University

Dmitriy Beznosko


ASTR 1010
PHYS 2111
ASTR 1020
PHYS 2212

Solar System Astronomy
Principles of Physics I
Stellar and Galactic Astronomy
Principles of Physics II

Proposal 561

Kennesaw State University

Chi Zhang


IT 3223
IT 4713
IT 4723
IT 6103

Software Acquisition & Project Management
Business Intelligence Systems
IT Policy & Law (U)
IT Policy & Law (G)

Proposal M135

Kennesaw State University

Lei Li


IT 4153
IT 4833
IT 6203
IT 6823

Advanced Database
Wireless Security
IT Design Studio
Info Security Concepts & Admin

Proposal M136

Georgia State University

Shuguang Hong


CIS 4850

Cloud Computing & Application Development

Proposal M137

Georgia Highlands College

Jayme Akers Feagin


HIST 1111
HIST 1112

World Civilizations I & II

Proposal M138

Georgia Highlands College

Lisa Jellum


PHED 1010

Core Concepts of Health & Wellness

Proposal M139

Georgia Highlands College

Lisa Jellum


BIOL 2190
PHED 2202

Principles of Human Nutrition
Nutrition Principles

Proposal M140

Georgia Southern University

Shainaz Landge



Remote Mentoring of Undergrad Research Students (Summer STEM PD Series)

Proposal M141

Middle Georgia State University

George Israel


HIST 1111

Survey of World History I (eCore)

Proposal M142

Fort Valley State University

Samuel Cartwright


MATH 1101

Mathematical Modeling

Proposal M143

Valdosta State University

Shafat Mubin


PHYS 1112K

Introductory Physics II

Introductory Physics II Video Lecture Series

Georgia Highlands College

Banhi Nandi


BIOL 2161K

Intro to Medical Microbiology

Introduction to Medical Microbiology Ancillary Materials

Georgia Gwinnett College

Anca Doloc Mihu


ITEC 3870

Software Development II

Proposal M146

Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College

Laura Clark Hunt


CHEM 4305
FRSC 4630
BIOL 4891
RCDV 4990

Instrumental Chemistry
Senior Project
Research Course
Rural Community Development Senior Capstone Seminar

Proposal M147

Kennesaw State University

Sarah North


CS 4712

User Interface Engineering

Proposal M148

Kennesaw State University

Benjamin Wadsworth


MUSI 1111
MUSI 1112
MUSI 2111
MUSI 2112

Aural Skills I-IV

Proposal M149

University of West Georgia

Anne Gaquere-Parker


CHEM 1152

Survey of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry

Survey of Chemistry II Textbook

University of Georgia

Jean Mangan


JURI 4071
JURI 4081

Legal Writing I & II

Proposal M151

Georgia State University

Brett Matherne


BUSA 4980

Strategic Management

Proposal 548