Round 16: Grantees and Documents

The Round Sixteen Request for Proposals (RFP) offered grant awards to be made to support adoption, adaptation, and creation of no-or low-cost learning materials in USG courses. The grants had three categories: Standard-Scale (smaller teams, affecting under 500 students per year), Large-Scale (department-wide and/or affecting over 500 students per year), and Mini-Grants for OER revisions and ancillary materials creation. In addition, departments with the potential to scale-up past OER successes were invited to apply for a Departmental Scaling grant.

The Georgia Institute of Technology’s Center for 21st Century Universities (C21U) managed the review process with ALG, using the InfoReady Review platform for applications and reviews. ALG worked with a team of experienced grant reviewers who evaluated the projects in a peer review process. Proposing teams were notified of the review committee’s decision after an administrative review.

In this round, 34 proposals were received from 13 USG institutions. Of these, 23 proposals from 11 USG institutions were awarded grants.

Downloadable R16 Table

Institution Course # Project Lead Award Proposal
Albany State University MATH 2411 Zephyrinus Okonkwo $30,000.00 518
Clayton State University COMM 1110 Susan McFarlane-Alvarez $4,800.00 M117
Columbus State University STAT 1401 William Muse $30,000.00 516
Columbus State University MATH 1001 Houbin Fang $12,800.00 521
Georgia Gwinnett College PSCI 1101K Skanda Vivek $10,800.00 507
Georgia Gwinnett College FREN 1001, FREN 1002 Beth Mauldin $4,800.00 M113
Georgia Highlands College MATH 0996 Tara Suswal $4,800.00 M118
Georgia Institute of Technology ECON 2105 Aselia Urmanbetova $4,800.00 M111
Georgia Southern University ENGR 1121 Priya Goeser $29,922.00 506
Georgia Southern University CHEM 3401L/CHEM 3402L Christine Whitlock $10,800.00 517
Georgia Southern University KINS 2535 Rebecca Collins $4,800.00 M120
Georgia State University ENI 3101, ENI 3100 Geoffrey Graybeal $29,016.00 509
Georgia State University SOCI 1101 Jung Ha Kim  $30,000.00 522
Kennesaw State University CS3410, CS4265, CS4722 Sarah North $30,000.00 502
Kennesaw State University ENGR 1100, IET 4451 Lin Li $11,800.00 508
Kennesaw State University IT 4603; IT 4773; IT 4883; IT 4863 Rebecca Rutherfoord $30,000.00 519
Kennesaw State University SOCI 1101 Daniel Farr $30,000.00 520
Kennesaw State University TCID 3400 Uttam Kokil $2,800.00 M109
Kennesaw State University IT 4323 Meng Han $4,800.00 M119
Kennesaw State University and University of North Georgia GISC 2011 & GISC 2011L (UNG) GEOG 3315 (KSU) Ulrike Ingram $30,000.00 504
Savannah State University BEHV 2106, BEHV 2107 Sherry Serdikoff $2,800.00 M115
Savannah State University HUMN 1201 Lisa Yount $4,800.00 M121
University of North Georgia CHEM 2734L Tashia Caughran $4,800.00 M110