Information for Round Eleven Grantees

Report Deadlines by Semester

Spring 2018: May 25, 2018
Summer 2018: August 17, 2018
Fall 2018: December 21, 2018

Semester Status Report

Not required for mini-grants

Final Report

Standard-Scale and Large Scale Grants


For Standard-Scale and Large-Scale Grants:
Reports are due at the end of each semester of implementation (Semester Status Report) and at the end of the final semester, where all materials are implemented (Final Report).
Depending on your Final Semester, your team may be doing multiple semester status reports before the final report.

For Mini-Grants
The Mini-Grant Final Report is due at the end of your final semester, where all materials should be created and/or revised.

Request for Proposals (now closed)

Platforms and Hosting

OER Research Resources

Kickoff Event Documents

Presentation Slides
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For further assistance with accessibility, please contact your Access or Disability Services Office.

AMAC Website: http://www.amacusg.org

ALG Grantees Listserv

We will be using the ALG Grantees listserv for communications with all grantees, and we encourage you to post any questions you have to this listserv. Please tag any Round Eleven questions with [R11] as the first part of the subject line. This will eliminate confusion on communications between grantees in other rounds.

The address for the listserv is ALGGRANTEES-L@listserv.cc.uga.edu.