Affordable Adaptive Learning Pilot for Introduction to General Psychology: Participant Page

Affordable Learning Georgia is exploring the use of Lumen Learning’s Waymaker Introduction to Psychology in Introduction to General Psychology (PSYC 1101), provided to students with a total cost of $25 per term.

In Fall 2021, participants will implement Lumen Learning’s Waymaker Introduction to Psychology within their Introduction to General Psychology (PSYC 1101) course. The only course design requirement is that Waymaker is implemented as part of the course; participants can still create, revise, and use their own materials, including their own assessments or department-wide assessments of student learning.

Eleven participants from six institutions have been selected for this pilot project.

Final Report

Please email your filled-out Final Report to jeff.gallant@usg.edu and tiffani.reardon@usg.edu.
* Deadline: December 20, 2021
* Final Report Template

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Lumen Learning Contacts

  • Melissa Grau, implementation specialist: melissa@lumenlearning.com
  • Manuela Ambrosino: manuela@lumenlearning.com



Michelle Wright

Georgia State University

Ellen Williams

Georgia Southern University

Lamar White

Atlanta Metropolitan State College

Sherry Serdikoff

Savannah State University

Kacy Morris

University of Georgia

Chizara Jones

Clayton State University

Antoinette Miller

Clayton State University

Mark Dadonna

Clayton State University

Janet Frick

University of Georgia

Nichelle Gause

Clayton State University