Spring 2018 Pilot Projects: G2C and Scaling Up OER

For OER Implementation in Fall 2019

Issued March 2018


In Spring 2018, Affordable Learning Georgia started two pilot projects to explore new ways of assisting faculty in course redesigns with OER and no- or low-cost materials:

  • The Affordable Learning Georgia G2C Pilot is intended to support faculty redesigning their courses for the Gateways to Completion program in implementing OER and no- or low-cost materials replacing a commercial textbook. A G2C Pilot project requires participation in the institution’s G2C cohorts.

  • The Affordable Learning Georgia Scaling Up OER Pilot is intended to expand select completed smaller-scale Textbook Transformation Grants projects to a departmental level by providing support to faculty, libraries, and their institutions to implement new approaches to OER and no/low-cost resources. A Scaling Up OER project requires a department-wide, all-sections implementation, and within this 2018-2019 pilot, the deadline for a first departmental semester of implementation will be Fall 2019.

Description of Awards


  • Standard-Scale Transformation: Textbook transformation projects within one or more courses or sections with under 500 students enrolled on average per academic year total.
    • $10,800 maximum award
    • $5,000 maximum per team member
    • $800 for travel and overall project expenses
    • The $800 is a required part of the budget, ensuring that at least two team members can attend the Kickoff Meeting at Middle Georgia State University in Macon, GA.
  • Large-Scale Transformation: Textbook transformation projects with 500 or more students enrolled on average per academic year total, or department-wide adoptions at a similarly large scale.
    • $30,000 maximum award
    • $5,000 maximum per team member
    • $800 for travel and overall project expenses
    • The $800 is a required part of the budget, ensuring that at least two team members can attend the Kickoff Meeting at Middle Georgia State University in Macon, GA.

Scaling Up OER: Department-wide adoptions only

  • $30,000 maximum award, to be split between team members and project expenses depending on the project
    • $5,000 maximum per team member

Required Activities

Expected activities include open licensing as necessary, any textbook creation or adaptation required, and course redesign as necessary for the transformation.

Other required activities:

  • Institutional sign-off on Service Level Agreement (SLA) provided by the University System Office, using the project proposal as a statement of work
  • Institutional invoice to USG along with the signed SLA in order for funds to be disbursed
  • Project Lead attendance at an online cohort meeting taking place each semester, including an initial online Kickoff Meeting
  • Completion of a final project report, including provision of data on impact on student success and a course schedule with resource links
  • New works must be created under a Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY), with exceptions for modifications of materials with a more restrictive open license, and will be made accessible to the public through the GALILEO Open Learning Materials repository. This requirement does not include proprietary features of authoring platforms.
  • Participation as needed in ALG-related communications, including post-project surveys.
Application Process

For these pilot rounds, select previous grantees and all G2C cohorts were invited to apply through email.

Institutional sponsors will be responsible for fund disbursement, including expense and travel reimbursement. Budgets will be supported by state funds and therefore institutions spending project money must ensure compliance with state, BOR, and institutional policies and procedures.


  • May 18, 2018: Deadline for Applications
  • May 22, 2018: Awards Notification Date
  • May 29, 2018, 2:00pm ET: Online Kickoff Meeting
  • October 29, 2018, 9:00am-3:00pm ET: Kickoff Meeting, Middle Georgia State University Conference Center

Funding Details

ALG Grants do not work the same as federal or other external grants. They are an allocation from the University System of Georgia to the institution in order to get the work on the application completed. Funds can cover faculty and staff time, including course release time, overload pay, and replacement coverage. Funds can also cover project expenses, including related department needs and travel expenses.

This funding structure, facilitated by a Service Level Agreement, allows for flexibility between institutions. Funding procedures largely rely on your institution so long as spending meets state guidelines. The proposing team must coordinate as necessary with their departments and institutional sponsors to determine how to handle the distribution. All Textbook Transformation Grants should not cover indirect costs, as they are not external grants nor stipends to individual faculty.

Funding will be released to the sponsoring institutional office in two parts: 50% on return of the USG-drafted Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the original or modified proposal serving as the statement of work, and 50% on submission of the final report.

Proposals must involve teams of at least 2 of any of the following: faculty instructors, faculty librarians, instructional designers, subject matter experts, editors, graphic designers, or others as needed.

ALG Partner University Press

Affordable Learning Georgia partners with the University of North Georgia Press to assist grantees with copyright clearance, peer review, production and design, and other tasks required to produce quality OER. The University Press is a peer-reviewed, academic press. Its mission is to produce scholarly work that contributes to the fields of innovative teaching, textbooks, and Open Educational Resources. Grant funds may be used for services provided by the Press.

To determine how the University Press can assist ALG grantees or anyone interested in developing OER with ALG, the University Press will provide advance free consultations. Please contact the Press at 706-864-1556 or ungpress@ung.edu.

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Course Number

Grant Amount


Columbus State
University (G2C)

Rebecca Gerdes-McClain
Crystal Woods
Clayton O’Dell
Sundi Rose
Courtney George
Patrick Jackson

ENGL 0999
ENGL 1101
ENGL 1102


Proposal 374.a

Georgia State
University (G2C)

Rebecca Weaver
Barbara Hall
Karen Holly
Michelle Kassorla
Tracienne Ravita
Kirk Swenson
Nancy Gilbert

ENGL 1101
ENGL 1102


Grants Collection 374.b

Abraham Baldwin
Agricultural College (G2C)

Leslie Pryor McIntosh
Kingsley Dunkley
Marvin Holtz
Heather Cathcart
DeLoris Hesse

BIOL 2011
BIOL 2012


Grants Collection 374.c

Gordon State
College (G2C)

J. Franklin Williamson
Thomas Aiello

HIST 2111


Grants Collection 374.d

University of
Georgia (Scaling)

DeLoris Hesse
Lindsey L Beebe
Ann H Massey
Daniel McNabney
Rob Nichols
Adam Brett Safer



Grants Collection 374.e