Open Mathematics in Action: Proposal, Materials, and Final Reports

Mathematics faculty from USG institutions will implement a set of low-cost and open educational resources and affordable materials in one or more of the math courses College Algebra (MATH 1111), Trigonometry (MATH 1112), Precalculus (MATH 1113), and Probability and Statistics (MATH 2112), supported by previous Textbook Transformation Grants project participants and co-leaders Dr. German Vargas and Dr. Victor Vega along with Affordable Learning Georgia staff. They have been working with CCGA faculty to address the high cost of mathematics required materials through the adoption of open textbooks and low-cost online homework systems. Their initial work was supported by a Round Two ALG Textbook Transformation Grant.

ALG has been receiving feedback from mathematics faculty that online homework solutions for math are essential to student engagement, performance monitoring, and success. Many have expressed concerns about the availability and quality of completely open mathematics homework solutions. Dr. Vargas and Dr. Vega have been working to address this through the adoption of low-cost online homework systems such as WebAssign and XYZ Homework. They have also explored additional options and are ready to share the lessons learned. This information will provide a platform to assist other institutions initiate a robust implementation.

Through Open Mathematics in Action, Affordable Learning Georgia aims to expand on the transformational success of the College of Coastal Georgia’s Mathematics Department by providing up to ten USG mathematics faculty with the support, resources, and training needed to implement these OER in their course sections.

Proposal Document (PDF)



Course Numbers

Grant Amount

Proposal Number

College of
Coastal Georgia

Project Leads
German Vargas
Victor Vega

Project Leads


Proposal 231.a

Abraham Baldwin
Agricultural College

April Abbott
Eunkyung You

MATH 1111


Proposal 231.b

Atlanta Metropolitan
State College

Gyuheui Choi

MATH 1114


Proposal 231.c

East Georgia
State College

Jing Kersey
Christine Xie

MATH 1111
MATH 1121


Proposal 231.d

Georgia Gwinnett

Alvina Atkinson

MATH 1111


Proposal 231.e

Georgia Highlands

Libby Gore
Camille Pace
Laura Ralston

MATH 1111
MATH 1113
MATH 2200


Proposal 231.f