Call for Faculty Participation: McGraw-Hill SmartBook Program

McGraw-Hill Faculty Author Representative Program

McGraw-Hill is looking for Faculty Author Representatives to assist the company in creation or piloting of other OER SmartBooks. The representative would ensure that the McGraw-Hill Education instructional design team is tagging Learning Objectives and building adaptive questions that support the goals of the textbook through providing feedback from within the SmartBook application.

Faculty Representatives can also contribute optionally through exploring existing McGraw-Hill Education Smartbooks, having collaborative sessions with the MHE instructional design team, conducting faculty and/or student focus groups, or authoring a portion of the text. Faculty Author Representatives may qualify for work for hire opportunities.

If interested, please contact Karin Snider at McGraw-Hill Education: Karin.Snider@mheducation.com

McGraw-Hill SmartBook Pilot Program: US History I

In the interest of affordable learning materials and exploration of advanced learning platforms, ALG has participated in a project in which McGraw-Hill Education has worked with Dr. Sarah Mergel, one of the authors of the USG open textbook History in the Making: A History of the People of the United States of America to 1877, to develop a SmartBook version of that text. McGraw Hill is now seeking faculty participants currently teaching with the USG textbook to pilot the new SmartBook.

A SmartBook is an adaptive reading experience that aims to automatically identify content a student understands and does not understand. The material adapts to ensure the student is focused on the content he or she needs the most to close knowledge gaps. The SmartBook provides feedback to both the student and the instructor. More information about the features of SmartBooks is available at: https://www.mheducation.com/highered/platforms/smartbook.html

During the pilot program, the SmartBook will be available to the USG students in the pilot courses at no cost.

Faculty members participating in the SmartBook Pilot Program will receive:

  • An instructor honorarium for the first ten pilot participants
  • In-person training and support from a McGraw-Hill digital faculty consultant

Participants will attend an individualized training and implementation training session prior to the start of the semester’s classes, and then participate in a feedback and data gathering session after the course has ended.

If interested, please contact Karin Snider at McGraw-Hill Education: Karin.Snider@mheducation.com