Grantee Information Center

Upcoming Deadlines by Semester

Summer 2022: August 15, 2022
Fall 2022: December 19, 2022
Spring 2023: May 15, 2023
Summer 2023: August 14, 2023
Fall 2023: December 18, 2023

Semester Status Report

Not required for Continuous Improvement Grants.

Final Report

Transformation Grants

Continuous Improvement Grants

Reporting Guidelines

Transformation Grants

Reports are due at the end of each semester of implementation (Semester Status Report) and at the end of the final semester, where all materials are implemented (Final Report).

(Note: A Semester Status Report is not required on the final semester of the project–only the Final Report.)

Continuous Improvement Grants

The Continuous Improvement Grant Final Report is due at the end of your final semester, where all materials should be created and/or revised. Semester Status Reports are not required.

Platforms and Hosting

OER Research Resources

Open Education Group: OER Research Toolkit

Kickoff Training and Meeting Recording

The online kick-off training is an asynchronous training module that should take you no longer than two hours to complete. It is required for all members of grant teams.

The online kick-off meeting is required for two members from each team (or one, if you are a single-person team).

View the meeting recording and presentation slides for the latest grant round.
Video (YouTube)
Presentation Slides

ALG Grantees Listserv

We use the ALG Grantees listserv for communications with all grantees. The address for the listserv is ALGGRANTEES-L@listserv.cc.uga.edu. If you have any questions about the list, please contact Jeff.