Featured Advocate: Jeanne Sewell

Jeanne Sewell

Picture of Jeanne Sewell


Associate Professor of Nursing


Georgia College and State University

Courses taught with OER:

NRSG 4010, Health Science Information
NRSG 5010, Health Science Information
NRSG 8510, Nursing Informatics


Jeanne Sewell is an Assistant Professor in the School of Nursing at Georgia College and State University. Her use of OER in her Nursing Informatics course was featured in an early Affordable Learning Georgia video, and this project also led to a Recognition Award for Innovation and Early Success in Textbook Transformation at last year’s Symposium on the Future of the Textbook.

Ms. Sewell’s work with OER does not end in the classroom, however. She had learned about OER through MERLOT, and soon became a Peer Reviewer for the MERLOT Health Sciences Portal, of which she is now the Editor.

“[In MERLOT], many of the learning resources are peer reviewed by subject matter experts. The designers of the learning resources have the opportunity to receive feedback in order to make improvements… . I believe that volunteering to be a peer reviewer has tremendous benefits. Peer reviewing a resource allows one to think about the [resource’s] value to teaching and learning. It also [assists] in the development of excellent course designing.”
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