Featured Advocate: Richard Stephens

Dr. Richard Stephens

Picture of Dr. Richard Stephens

Dr. Richard Stephens

Professor of Mathematics


Columbus State University

Courses taught with OER:

MAED 5132: Understanding Data Analysis and Probability
MATH 1111: College Algebra
MATH 2115: Introduction to Linear Algebra
MATH 2135: Calculus III
MATH 3106: Mathematical Theory of Interest
MATH 3108: Introduction to Actuarial Science
MATH 5151: Introduction to Real Analysis
STAT 1127: Introductory Statistics


Dr. Richard Stephens came to Columbus State University in 2008 with four graduate degrees in Mathematics Education, Pure and Applied Mathematics, and Probability. With 35 years of college teaching experience, Dr. Stephens is constantly looking for new ways of teaching and the best resources for his students.

Dr. Stephens began using open educational resources in his courses in 2011, and he prefers to edit and customize the material before using it in the classroom. He is very aware of open licensing, and all of his modifications to existing OERs were made possible by open licensing such as Creative Commons Attribution licenses.

Dr. Stephens’ current go-to places for new open educational resources are the Affordable Learning Georgia website and the Open Textbook Initiative of the American Institute of Mathematics. Not only does he teach the courses listed above with OERs, but he also has OERs prepared for courses he is planning on teaching in the future.

“Before the establishment of ALG, I spent countless hours with very little success searching for suitable OER’s for the courses that I had been teaching. Now, my principle sources are ALG and the Open Textbook Initiative of the American Institute of Mathematics. Being able to locate available material allows for more time to edit and customize that material to one’s own course. Every time that I use a given OER, I find ways to better adapt the material to my own purposes.”
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