Featured Advocate: Dr. Peggy Brickman

Dr. Peggy Brickman

Picture of Dr. Peggy Brickman


Professor, Department of Plant Biology


University of Georgia

Courses taught with OER:

BIOL 1103: Concepts of Biology


Dr. Peggy Brickman has been teaching biology at the University of Georgia since 1996, moving through the faculty ranks from Instructor to being named a Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor in 2013.

Dr. Brickman worked alongside Dr. Erin Dolan, Dr. Tessa Andrews, and the University of Georgia Center for Teaching and Learning to propose a project for a 2013 University System of Georgia Innovation Grant, where commercial Biology textbooks would be replaced by an OpenStax Concepts of Biology textbook, customized specifically for the UGA Concepts of Biology (BIOL 1103/1104) course.

The proposal was accepted, and the project was a success, with positive student feedback and annual student cost savings of over $100,000. Dr. Brickman continues to use the custom OpenStax textbook in her courses.

“The biggest reward has been the students’ appreciation, and I can only imagine the appreciation from their families, knowing they were saving a hundred dollars… there is no catch; students can download the book for free, forever, and in many different formats including versions compatible with electronic readers.”
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